Introducing the National Programs Committee

The NLC National Programs Committee is a working group of senior NLC volunteers and leaders who work with and assist the Programs Director in overseeing NLC’s Chapters. The Committee and its members are the primary interface between NLC’s chapter leadership teams and NLC’s national staff.

The committee consists of NLC’s national programmatic chairs, the NLC Chapter Director Board Members, and the NLC Chapter Division liaisons. The committee is the primary sounding board for developing new programmatic elements, oversight of chapter activities, and ensuring smooth communications and responsiveness between NLC and all its local leadership teams.

As part of its activities, the NPC initially reviews all chapter annual reports, and provides recommendations on chartering and re-certification of chapters on a year-to-year basis. It also advises on placement of chapters within oversight divisions, and implements the strategies and mission of NLC in the field.

The NLC Programs Director chooses committee members from veteran chapter leaders across the country with a demonstrated commitment to the success of NLC. It is also the primary source of new nominees for membership on NLC’s Board of Directors through the Chapter Director Board seats. 




Heather Grantham*, Chair,
Kubs Lalchandani*, Vice Chair,
Rachel Hoge, Chair Emeritus,

Programmatic Chairs
Shane Seaver, Selections Chair,
Sean Kolaskar, Curriculum Chair,
James Woodson, Mentorship & Diversity Chair,
Eric DeSobe, Engagement Chair,
Oren Jacobson, Budget Chair,

Chapter Division Liaisons
Justin Braz*,
Alise Roderer,
Erin Belitskus,
Ryan James Evans,

National Staff
Courtney Madden, National Programs Director
Brett Seifried, General Counsel
Andrea Greer, Texas Coordinator

*National Board of Directors member.

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