The My America Series


It's more important now than ever to raise progressive voices from coast to coast. The My America series features NLC voices -- in red states and blue states -- sharing what a progressive America embodies and why they fight for progressive values.

Featured Videos


Petra Gaskins

New Leaders Council - New Jersey's Petra Gaskins shares her powerful story about why she is committed to progressive ideas and why she fights for the least among us.


Shay Franco Clausen

New Leaders Council - Silicon Valley's Shay Franco Clausen talks about NLC's impact in her community and how she turns progressive values into action.


Joy Dixon

New Leaders Council - Tallahassee's Joy Dixon shares what it means to be a progressive and the impact of the important work of members of the NLC community are doing to stand up for progressive ideals.


Cesar Hernandez

New Leaders Council - Tampa Bay's Cesear Hernandez shares talks about immigration during an NLC Spark! Talk.


Kylie Patterson

New Leaders Council - New Jersey's Kylie Patterson talks about race, wealth and millennials during an NLC Spark! Talk.


Jordan Ball

New Leaders Council - Pittsburgh's Jordan Ball discusses returning Appalachia to the progressive fold during an NLC Spark! Talk.


Samantha Sexton

New Leaders Council - Tallahassee's Samantha Sexton discusses bringing marginalized girls into the center in this NLC Spark! Talk


Keith Nolan

New Leaders Council - Maryland's Keith Nolan delivers a powerful talk on "Fighting to Fight" in this NLC Spark! Talk.