Millennial Compact Authors


NLC Millennial Compact with America Authors

This distinguish group of NLC leaders are at the forefront of developing the governing agenda for the future. These authors are crafting policy memos focused on Innovating our American Economy, Innovating our American Communities and Innovating our Democracy.

Authors will be active on national conference calls working with experts in business, think tanks and other organizations to develop this agenda.

Meet the Authors 

Elizabeth Adams, New York City, 2015
Scott Astrada, Washington, DC, 2017
Kyle Bailey, Atlanta, 2010
David Bander, New Jersey, 2013

                                                                       Amber Baur, San Francisco, 2017

                                                                            Taylor Beale, Madison, 2016

Heather Blier, Maine, 2015

Melissa Breazile, Omaha, 2015
Vasco Bridges, Chicago, 2014

Ebonni Bryant, Broward, 2015
David Burke, Los Angeles, 2015

Efrem Bycer, San Diego, 2012

Edward Byrne, Boston, 2014
Chad Cherry, Broward, 2016
Jasmine Clemons, Capital District NY, 2016
Curt Conrad, Pittsburgh, 2016
Michael Cooper, North Carolina, 2015
Phillipe Cunningham, Twin Cities, 2016

Dana D'Orazio, Philadelphia, 2016
Thomas Day, Chicago, 2014
Kimberly Dudik, Montana, 2012
Paul Escobar, Silicon Valley, 2016
Colleen Fonseca, Boston, 2016
Mai-Ling Garcia, San Francisco, 2012
Kyle Gracey, Pittsburgh, Founder

Bernadette Hobson, Washington DC, 2017
Jonathan Jacobs, Rhode Island, 2014
Oren Jacobson, Chicago, 2014
Jack Kelly, Capital District New York, 2016
Erin Kennedy-Rogers, New York City, 2016
Amanda Koonjbeharry, Twin Cities, 2016
Patrick Leahy, Omaha, 2015
Brandon Mack, Houston, 2016
Vanessa Mason, San Francisco, 2016
Amanda Matos, New York City, 2016
Kate McDonough, New York City, 2016
Benjamin McNeil, Boston, 2016

Justin Miller, Orlando, 2017
Sarah Ogdie, Tampa Bay, 2014
Stephanie Oghia, Kentucky, 2014
Karen Pandy-Cherry, Broward, 2016
Joe Pileri, Los Angeles, 2015
Neil Reilly, New York City, 2014
David Rini, Boston, 2014
Ana Lucrecia Rivera, Silicon Valley, 2016

Dave Sargent, Chicago, 2016

Zephanii Smith, Sacramento, 2016

Sita Stukes, Silicon Valley, 2017

Stathis Theodoropoulos, New Jersey, 2012
Igor Tregub, Los Angeles, 2009
Wesley Whistle, Kentucky, 2015
Gregory Young, Capital District NY, 2014