Millennial Compact Advisors


NLC Millennial Compact with America


The NLC Innovation Foundation staff has been hard at work recruiting top level experts and organizations to serve as advisors on the NLC Millennial Compact with America. The advisors will work with our authors as mentors as they develop their ideas for the Millennial Compact. This prominent group of advisors will help shape the ideas of the Millennial Compact to make them sounded policy solutions for the future. Advisors are from various organizations, businesses and elected officials. NLC is grateful to have their support on this project.


  • Bret Perkins, Vice President, External & Government Relations, Comcast (Chair)
  • Chris Kelly, NLC Chairman (Co-Chair)
  • Hon. Fiona Ma, California Board of Equalization (Co-Chair)
  • Jim Araby, Executive Director, UFCW Western States
  • Krystal Ball, Chief Pelican, Pelican Media
  • Hon. Michael Blake, NY State Assembly Member
  • Kelly Carnes, President & CEO, TechVision 21
  • Andrei Cherny, CEO, Aspiration
  • Brent Cohen, Managing Director of Public Service Consulting Group, LLC
  • Kit Cole, President, Kit Cole Consulting
  • Hon. Leslie Combs, Consultant
  • Andrew Connery, Policy Advisor, New Democrats
  • George Cook, Regional Government Relations, Toyota
  • Eric DeSobe, Director of Talent, Great Public Schools
  • Mitch Draizin, President, Longview Capital
  • Adam Edelen, CEO, Edelen Ventures
  • Aaron Gothelf, Executive ITC Council, General Electric
  • JD Grom, Executive Director, New Democrats
  • Cynthia Guerrero, Prinicpal, California Strategies
  • Jim Hurd, CEO, Greenspace
  • Drew Kearney, CEO, Signallamp Health
  • Peter Levine, Associate Dean for Research, Tisch College; Former Director of CIRCLE
  • Michael Mandel, Chief Economist, Progressive Policy Institute
  • Rachel Masi, Policy Analyst
  • Keary McCarthy, President & CEO, Innovation Ohio
  • Gregory McGinity, Executive Director, The Broad Foundation
  • Greg Miller, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, OSET Foundation
  • Seth MillerGabriel, Director of Public Private Partnerships, District of Columbia
  • David Osborne, Senior Policy Fellow, Progressive Policy Institute
  • Kish Rajan, Chief Evangelist, CALinnovates
  • Tom Segal, Senior Analyst, Rethink Education
  • Aaron Severn, Director, Grassroots¬† & Legislative Affairs, American Wind Energy Association
  • Claire Silberman, Philanthropist
  • Alex Sink, Founder, Florida Next
  • Marshall Tuck, Education Consultant
  • Evelia Villa, Chief Academic Officer, Amethod Public Schools
  • Malcolm Woolf, Senior Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs, Advanced Energy Economy

 Partnering Organizations

  • CALinnovates
  • Democratic Governors Association
  • Economic Innovation Group
  • Innovation Ohio
  • New Democrat Coalition
  • New Kentucky Project
  • OSET Foundation
  • Progressive Policy Institute