NLC Millennial Compact with America


**Registration is Open for the NLC National Conversation in Chicago**

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Millennials are at the forefront of the public discourse in our debates about the economy, social justice and how we interact with our democratic system. New Leaders Council has been leading the way for over a decade in recruiting and training the next generation of millennial leaders; now it’s time to take the next step in progress.

The Millennial Compact with America is the NLC Innovation Foundation’s major project for the programming year. The Millennial Compact will be a series of policy memos and action oriented events on each of the three areas:

  • Innovating Our Economy
  • Innovating Our Communities
  • Innovating Our Democracy

These policy memos will comprise a future governing agenda written for and by millennial leaders.

Millennial Compact Memos

The policy memos will be spearheaded by leaders of the NLC community in conjunction with advisors, partners, and other organizations and private businesses mentoring our leaders to develop their ideas.

Innovating Our Economy

  • The Future of Work
  • The Millennial Social Safety Net
  • Developing the 21st Century Education System
  • The 21st Century Clean Energy Economy
  • The Economics of Climate
  • Innovation in Healthcare
  • Disruption in Government
  • The Small Business Economy
  • Innovation in Partnerships
  • Inclusivity in Economy Security
  • Innovation in Data Sharing and Data Protection

Innovating Our Communities

  • The 21st Century Justice System
  • Inequality in Underrepresented Communities
  • LGBT Rights
  • State of Climate Change

Innovating Our Democracy

  • Participation in Government and Elections
  • Digital Democracy  
  • The State of Money in Politics
  • Transparency in Government

From Memos to Action

Our policy memos will be drafted with the help of many partners and experts who will make up the Millennial Compact with America Working Committee. In order to turn these memos from written word to action, we will need to execute a program to consist of local and national conference calls, local salon dinners, and major policy forums in areas of the country where we will be making our policy recommendations. The release of the project will be at NLC Millennial Compact with America National Conversation in Chicago, IL September 15-16, 2017.

While some of these events will be invite only, or open only to the NLC community, many of our events are open to the public. Please check our calendar for an event near you.

NLC Millennial Compact Authors

NLC Millennial Compact Advisors

Please contact NLC Policy Director, Ashlyn Martin, at if you would like to participate in the Millennial Compact project.