KY Chapter Announcement

KY Chapter Announcement

Nation’s Premiere Leadership training program opens KY Chapter New Leaders Council now recruiting future leaders for 2013 Institute

LOUISVILLE – Kentucky’s young trendsetters, elected officials, and engaged leaders of businesses and industry that will shape our economic and political landscape now have the opportunity to join a network of over 1,000 alumni of The New Leaders Council Institute, one of the top leadership training programs in the country.

NLC’s Kentucky chapter, which is chaired by State Auditor Adam Edelen, is seeking recruits to become the next generation of civic, business and political leaders capable of making a lasting, positive change in their communities and beyond. Nominations for the chapter’s inaugural Institute, held in January, are open now through November 23.

“I am excited that the resources and skills offered by NLC are now available in the Bluegrass State. We need this kind of forward-thinking program because you can’t solve old problems without new energy,” Edelen said.

The Institute takes place over five weekends and features innovative training sessions that include: messaging and framing, technology and new media, political management, fundraising and marketing, and leadership development. With an alumni base of over 1,000 Fellows in 25 cities across the country, NLC Institutes drew over 4,000 applications for 400 available spots in the 2012 Institute Class.

Since 2006, NLC has operated as a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to educating a new generation of leaders and to providing those leaders with the tools they need to succeed. NLC does not engage in political or legislative activities of any kind, does not support or oppose any candidate for public office, and serves only as an educational leadership training ground. The result is a robust network of individuals who support each other as they move into careers in government, business, nonprofits, and beyond.

In a recent op-ed, titled “Seizing the Levers of Power,” Washington Monthly said, “The NLC is strikingly different from the typical DC think tank or policy shop focused on electioneering or fighting in the cable news trenches… the NLC is planting seeds where few other, higher-profile organizations bother to tread.”

For more information about NLC of Kentucky, or about how to nominate yourself or someone you know for the NLC Institute, visit or contact Co-Director
Ashley Parrott, or Co-Director Sierra Enlow,