The NLC Institute

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 The NLC Institute is the leading leadership development program for progressive young professionals across the country.

NLC Fellows learn from our faculty - experts in fundraising, new media, communication strategy, campaign management, policy, and more. The Institute Curriculum trains Fellows in the skills needed to run for public office, start a non-profit, or launch a business. 

In addition to the standardized national curriculum, each chapter tailors its Institute experience and training to the needs of the local community. What may be a pressing issue for one chapter may not apply to others, and the flexibility to address local issues is a core part of the NLC mission.

Read more about the NLC Institute Sessions here. 

NLC Fellows are paired with a mentor who is a professional in their field. Through the mentorship program, Fellows are exposed to successful individuals who are committed to supporting the next generation of progressive leaders. 

Because of NLC’s commitment to recruiting and training outside of traditional power structures, the NLC Institute is free for all Fellows. This commitment is made possible by the support of NLC chapters, alumni and others from the progressive community.

Hear from NLC Tallahassee's Joy Dixon about NLC's impact:

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