Millennial Policy Initiative

The NLC Innovation Foundation

The NLC Innovation Foundation is focused on external relations of New Leaders Council and is the policy arm for the NLC community. The Innovation Foundation's focus is to build policy support across the United States for progressive policy ideas crafted by NLC leaders and partners. The Innovation Foundation is the nexus between NLC's millennial leaders, corporations, labor unions, foundations and think tanks to continue to build America's future with NLC's network of progressive leaders.  

The NLC Innovation Foundation will host various roundtables and regional events to connect folks on the ground with local and state stakeholders as well as informational policy briefings for policy at every level, from local to national, and will also hold trainings to further develop NLC's vast alumni community.

The NLC Innovation Foundation houses two major policy components, NLC's Millennial Compact with America and the NLC Women's Caucus.

Members of the NLC community personify the wide scope of the future of American society; members of NLC span over 25 U.S. states, are on average 54%+ female, ~60% non- white racial background, and from almost every industry. With over 4,000 leaders trained through NLC’s flagship program, the NLC Institute, they will be the major advocates and decisions makers in the years ahead.

Millennial Compact with America


Millennials are at the forefront of the public discourse in our debates about the economy, social justice and how we interact with our democratic system. New Leaders Council has been leading the way for over a decade in recruiting and training the next generation of millennial leaders; now it’s time to take the next step in progress.

The Compact will be spearheaded by members of the NLC community in conjunction with advisors, partners, and other organizations and private businesses.

NLC Women's Leadership Caucus


The NLC Women's Leadership Caucus unites the New Leaders Council community in promoting a progressive agenda with a focus on issues affecting women and girls. The NLC Women's caucus promotes championing equality by inspiring innovative progressive policy leadership.