Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough

At approximately 11:15 a.m. on Wednesday, true public servants took a seat for justice and common sense changes to gun laws.  Then, in the early hours of Thursday morning, House leaders used a procedural move to start their vacation early. 



Thank you, Congressman John Lewis and Congresswoman Katherine Clark, who once again are leading us on a remarkable journey and empowering people to demand change. We SIT with you and all others who call for just TWO VOTES.  

As proud members of New Leaders Council, we refuse to sit silently by as lives are lost while Congress won't act. Our 44 chapters will mobilize across the country and demand the two votes to be taken.

Tell Speaker Ryan and Congress it's time to call for votes to change the laws in our country.

It is cowardly that Congressional leadership adjourned session until July 5th, rather than giving our families across the country a chance for justice.  Whether it's Orlando or Newtown, Arizona or Aurora, Chicago or The Bronx, #EnoughIsEnough. 

After you sign the petition, find your representative and call to demand action on gun reform. 

It is time for Congress to take the two votes, or let us be clear: We will remember in November.

Mike Blake
NLC National Honorary Co-Chair