The United States is more diverse than ever before, and its emerging leaders must be prepared to work with a diverse coalition. As such, NLC has been and continues to be committed to cultivating a new type of leadership – one that seeks to be inclusive of all perspectives, is prepared to address the shifting demographics, and can navigate the complexities that a leader will undoubtedly face in this increasingly diverse and interconnected world. Accordingly, the NLC Diversity Committee was founded in 2015 to promote and further improve diversity (in all its forms) and inclusion within New Leaders Council, its chapters, Fellows, faculty, and events. Specifically, the committee’s purpose is to help NLC staff: (a) develop advisory guidelines for NLC in recruiting, selecting, and engaging a diverse pool of applicants, fellows, and chapter advisory board members; (b) provide NLC community members who self-identify as a member of a minority or otherwise underrepresented demographic with an avenue for building a better NLC by engaging an inclusive national community; and (c) find and promote a diverse set of speakers and faculty at NLC national, regional, and local events.

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NLC Diversity Committee Members 2016-2017
Matthew Braughinn - NLC-Wisconsin, c/o 2015
Madaline Edison - NLC-Twin Cities Board Member
Lauren Footman - NLC-Philadelphia, c/o 2016
Carlos Jimenez - NLC-Silicon Valley, c/o 2013
Joseph Kitchen - NLC-Maryland Board Member
Laksmi Lagares - NLC-Oakland, c/o 2015
Carey McDonald - NLC-Boston, c/o 2012
Sarah Ogdie - NLC-Tampa, c/o 2014
Golda Philip - NLC-Washington, D.C., c/o 2016
Liz Prisley - NLC-Tampa, c/o 2016
Lily Wells - NLC-Tallahassee Board Member
James Woodson - NLC-New Jersey, c/o 2011