NLC opposes President Trump's decision to eliminate DACA

NLC opposes President Trump's decision to eliminate DACA

For 800,000 young people across America, President Trump’s decision to eliminate their protections under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program threatens their security to stay in a country they many have known as their only home.

New Leaders Council (NLC) strongly stands against this action by the Administration, believing this is the antithesis of treating every person with the humanity and compassion they deserve. 

DACA was far from an ideal solution for the hundreds of thousands of DREAMers living in the U.S., but it did provide a stopgap from the daily fear of deportation many undocumented young adults were previously forced to live with.  

The President’s action today leaves open the door for Congress to act.  They must act quickly and decisively to not only reinstate DACA protections but to create a path for citizenship for all DREAMers who have grown up, gone to school, served their country, and held jobs here in America.

President Trump’s vision of America, surrounded by walls is not the America we believe in.  Let’s work together to restore the vision of America as a “City Upon a Hill”: a nation that unifies not divides, that welcomes rather than turns its back, that fundamentally believes that diversity is why America is great.