Climate and the Election

Climate and the Election

New Leaders Council released the following memo on the climate and the 2016 Election. 


To: Interested parties
From: Matti Miranda, Policy Director, New Leaders Council Innovation Foundation
Date: October 6, 2016

Subject: Climate and the election

During the current election cycle, you might have noticed a few very important topics mostly absent from the national conversation. In the previous debate, for example, the climate was mentioned once, seemingly in passing.

With the recent announcement that Vice President Al Gore will be hitting the campaign trail, we hope this is a sign that climate change will gain a place on the national stage.

It’s been shown that in the last ten years, extreme weather due to climate change has cost the U.S. $67B(1). The consequences of climate change reach far and wide from energy, to the economy, to social justice and equity. In the agriculture sector alone, without addressing climate, we can expect to see a decline in yields of more than 10% of corn, wheat, soy, and cotton over the next 5-25 years(2). Moreover, it continues to be the case that those whose health is negatively effected due to climate change disproportionately are lower income families(3). And my fellow millennials, the picture of inaction is bleak for us as well, noting that today, a 22 years old millennial “earning a median income will lose $100,000 in lifetime income, and $142,000 in wealth”.(4)

Here at New Leaders Council, we know the urgency of a tangible solutions based conversation around climate. Members of the NLC community are deeply passionate about climate change with 1,207 of our 4,000 alumni engaging in climate policy or advocacy. Members of NLC are also the millennials who are seeing some of the direst results of climate inaction. NLC has chapters in New Jersey and New York who dealt with Hurricane Sandy, in Louisiana who dealt with Hurricane Katrina, and six chapters across Florida who today are dealing with Hurricane Matthew, which Florida Governor Scott warned “Homes will be destroyed. This is deadly.”(5)

Through the Millennial Compact with America, members of the NLC community seek to engage outside stakeholders to take action to improve the state of climate change and its effects. Millennials greatly stand to gain from real conversations about climate and taking action. New Leaders Council hopes that climate and all of the issues of jobs, wealth, health, and equity are put in the forefront of national discourse.


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