Hard work fueled by dedication

Hard work fueled by dedication

Dear NLC Community,

2014 is quickly becoming NLC’s biggest year yet. Across the country, NLC fellows are shaping premier events for NLC community members, building a wave of momentum the progressive movement has never seen before. That dedication and energy is fueling the work taking place all across the country. Progress requires hard work, and NLC community members are stepping up to the challenge.

I wanted to take a moment to give you a just a snapshot of some of the NLC’s recent news and upcoming events.

March marks the middle point of the NLC Institute, where Fellows begin to apply the lessons of personal leadership to the practical challenges of their communities. Last month, in NLC’s 31 chapters more than 600 NLC Fellows continued learning the skills for effective, progressive change. In particular, they covered Institute topics ranging from Public Speaking and Communications to Management to Policy.

March also marks the third month that Fellows have spent focusing on their Capstones.  The NLC Capstone is the culmination of each Fellow’s NLC experience: a strategic plan encompassing overall long-term personal and professional goals of themselves. The Capstone allows Fellows to take their initial goals set over the first institute weekend and to create a concrete plan, incorporating lessons taught during the Institute, to achieve these goals. Capstones will be finalized in May and presented for peer review. We look forward to sharing just some of the successes of these with you after graduation this summer.

NLC Silicon Valley

NLC Atlanta

NLC Rhode Island

None of this work could be done without the unflagging support and dedication of all of our Chapter Executive and Advisory boards. Hundreds of volunteers across the nation come together to bring the most talented experts to NLC Fellows each month. For this and all their other work, we continue to thank each of our NLC volunteers.

NLC Preview Day in Toronto
This past month NLC also had a unique opportunity to bring the progressive movement to an international audience. On March 23, campaigners, community builders and entrepreneurs gathered at the Groundforce Digital Toronto Summit to learn the latest in data-driven campaign organizing strategy and tactics. New Leaders Council was among the day's presenters, with NLC’s Executive Director Mark Riddle leading a session on campaign management.  NLC is excited to work with Groundforce Digital and other partners to build NLC Canada.

Mark Riddle at Groundforce Digital Toronto Summit

Inaugural NLC Legal Institute
NLC also brought leadership training and community building to another untapped community, right here at home. On March 29, New Leaders Council and the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) launched the NLC Legal Institute, with an inaugural class of 14 highly-qualified Legal Fellows. Fellows convened at the Dolan Law Offices in downtown San Francisco to begin the first-of-its-kind Legal Institute. Bringing uniquely tailored leadership training to the legal community across the state of California, the NLC Legal Institute is a major part of NLC’s plan to not only broaden the progressive movement but also to lock-in the successes of all of our community members. We thank the leadership of CAOC—including Shawn Khorrami and the CAOC Diversity Committee for their ongoing support—as well as the brilliantly talented inaugural class of Legal Fellows, and, finally, the Dolan Law firm, for providing NLC with a beautiful venue for this program.

Inaugural NLC Legal Institute Class

Upcoming events
Along with the Institute sessions being held over the next few months, NLC is hosting several events open to the larger community.  Each chapter is currently planning a Fellows Fundraiser event; these events allow the Fellows to use the skills taught in the Institute into action, as well as provide an opportunity for the Fellows to “pay-it-forward” and support the NLC Class of 2015. You can find information the upcoming Fellows events in your community by looking at our NLC events calendar.

Beyond our always impressive Fellows Fundraiser events, NLC is also holding several marquee events in regions across the country. In Florida, our Florida Conversation is fast approaching. Join NLC Chairman Chris Kelly, NLC Board members (the Hon.) Manny Diaz and Andrew Korge, and NLC Florida Co-Chair Barbara Stiefel, as well as statewide and national officials and community leaders—including over 100 of Florida’s young entrepreneurs—come together to discuss the pressing issues facing Florida today.  This important conversation will be taking place May 17 and 18 at The Biltmore in Miami, FL. Find more information and register here.

In Washington D.C., NLC will have a high-level event on the importance of leadership development in the progressive movement. On May 19, join with more than 15 Members of Congress and U.S. Senators, along with other local and national leaders, to support NLC’s mission. To learn more or help sponsor this event, please visit our event page.

On June 8, NLC and Christine Pelosi are hosting a bootcamp. Focusing on messaging and management, the bootcamp will be based upon the Message Management Money and Mobilization fundamentals in Pelosi’s book Campaign Boot Camp 2.0 and be uniquely tailored for the NLC community. Whether you are running for office, starting your own business, or managing a campaign, there is a lot to learn from the bootcamp. This bootcamp is open only to NLC Alumni, Fellows, and current and past board members. You can find more information on this bootcamp here.

Finally, save the date for NLC’s annual Leadership Retreat. This year, NLC’s Sacramento chapter is proud to host the 6th annual Leadership Retreat on August 8 and 9. The annual retreat is focused on Millennial leaders as the nexus between new technologies, business, and progressive policy. Speakers and a full agenda will be announced soon, but mark your calendars now and meet over 200 on the nation’s next generation leaders this summer. More information can be found here.  
Past events
Along with the success of previous events, such as the Northeast Conversation that took place last month in Jersey City, NJ, we would like extend a special thanks to U.S. Senator Brian Schatz (HI) for a great roundtable discussion with members of the NLC San Francisco community. At this event, Sen. Schatz discussed pressing issues, focusing on the shape of climate change policy in the Senate. Sen. Schatz also gave insight on being a young progressive leader in the U.S. Senate and on the obstacles and challenges he has overcome as a young leader. The event consisted of great conversation between attendees, with thoughtful questions from NLC Fellows, alumni, and board members.

NLC San Francisco with U.S. Senator Schatz (HI)

All of these successes reflect one essential lesson: NLC has built momentum in the progressive community, and that momentum has enhanced NLC in every way—community engagement, volunteer and financial support, and more. This has been a banner year and is key moment for NLC. All of this success depends on NLC community members. Members who, like you, participate in the Institute, attend events, and contribute financially. With your support, NLC is able to empower young progressive leaders and bring their issues and their solutions to the forefront.

We hope that you join us at one of our upcoming events. For more information, please follow our social media to track, in real time, the energy from our Chapter leaders and 2014 Fellows.

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Thank you. I look forward to continuing these successes with you throughout the spring. Onward and upward to a new, progressive generation of leadership.

Mark Riddle
New Leaders Council Executive Director